Hello, welcome to the Cannabis Quest website.
We are part of Alaska HEMPFEST® and the only legal representative of the HEMPFEST® brand in Alaska.

2018 will be the first year for the Cannabis Quest, the first 100% Alaskan Cannabis Competition for, by and about Alaskan Cannabis Cultivators.

We will try and make certain we represent HEMPFEST® and Alaska in the finest manner possible and are quite excited to be debuting a totally Alaskan Cultivators award this year.


Commercial Growers, Limited Grows and Home Growers are welcome to enter. Once ounce of cured cannabis (minimum 12 samples of edibles) and a small entry fee, adjusted for each category, is all it takes.

“Where does all the money and weed go?” you may ask…

A small fee will go to the person that brings in the funds, the remainder will be split evenly between the Cannabis Quest and Alaska HEMPFEST® with a small token returning to HEMPFEST®

The Cannabis Quest will use 100% of it’s fundage (Our 50% of the take) to provide Trophies, TShirts, Swag, testing and certificates for the entrants and winners.